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I was wondering if anyone on this sub played MIDI on their PSoC 5LP?

I am currently working on an integration project and I need to be able to use it via MIDI. I have noticed that there is a MIDI code example in PSoC Maker, however, this is not exactly what I want for the company.

MIDI Nuts and buttons

Each time a key is pressed, 3 bytes of data from the MIDI controller are sent from the PSoC 5LP.
Byte 1 = Status byte: this byte is divided into 2 feeds (the first four and the second four). Indicates whether the key is on / off and which bridge. bazoocam  cps count
Byte 2 = Information byte: this byte contains information about the information number coming from the MIDI controller.
We can now see an on/off message and what number of messages are playing, but we can't motivate them to work. one and the same. The way we're trying to make sure it's working is to use the MIDI controller to turn the Drove on and off on the 2.1 button. If the light comes on, it means the specific information we need to operate it is working.

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I've never done a MIDI interface on the PSoC5LP but I know it can be done.

MIDI is basically a UART at 31.25 Kbaud (+/- 1%) with a 4/20mA current drive interface at the physical level.

It sounds like the PSoC5LP interprets the key presses and transmits the MIDI commands to the host MIDI controller (ie a computer music program or General MIDI sound generating device).

I have another suggestion.

This forum topic is not a good place to ask about the PSoC5LP.  This forum is for discussions about the ModusToolbox IDE tool which does not work with the PSoC5LP.   Therefore, you won't get nearly as many "eyes" on your post that might help you.  I suggest reposting your inquiry on: PSoC 5, 3 & 1 Forum 

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