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Exciting News! Application development support for XMC industrial microcontrollers is being introduced in ModusToolbox. This is the first step toward a tight integration of the devices with all the great benefits of ModusToolbox – Project Creator and Library Manager tools, configurators, and third-party IDE support.

We completed the first, early-access release at the end of 2020. It features support for the XMC1400 (48MHz ARM Cortex-M0) and XMC4700 (144MHz Cortex-M4) devices, and includes a small set of Code Examples, kit BSPs and XMClib software plus support for programming/debugging via Segger J-Link and J-Link LITE (on-board debugger).

The production-ready release, which is expected in February, will add more Code Examples and extend the set of peripherals supported by the Device Configurator. Look out for more updates throughout 2021 as we add new features, device families and kit BSPs.

Want to try it out? It’s easy! The first set of devices are enabled by the ModusToolbox 2.2.1 Patch Release. Follow the instructions to install the patch on top of the 2.2 software. Then just launch the Project Creator, pick one of the following BSPs, choose a Code Example on the next page, and create your first XMC project.


We'd love you to give this software a try and send us some feedback. So if you have any questions or problems and (best of all) great ideas, please post here and I'll try to help. If you just want to read about the new libraries here are some links to the GitHub pages and documentation.

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