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ModusToolbox™ 2.4 is available now on Windows, macOS and Linux. The new software is packed with new features and improvements to the user experience. Here is a summary of the release but more details are available in the Release Notes.


  • ModusToolbox™ ML adds on-device model validation, size optimizations, and improved cycle accuracy.
  • XMC™ projects now generate a .tgz file, ready to be uploaded to the XMC™ simulation tool.
  • Eclipse IDE for ModusToolbox™ adds a handy command terminal and a shortcut to the application import option.
  • OpenOCD is updated to support external serial memory flashing of PSoC™ 6 MCUs via the Serial Flash Discoverable Parameters (SFDP) standard.
  • To improve the reliability of connections to target devices, tools such as Device Firmware Update (DFU) Host tool and CAPSENSE™ Tuner now share a single copy of KitProg3 firmware instead of shipping with private copies.
  • Applications are now categorized into groups in Project Creator.
  • The GCC toolchain we package with ModusToolbox™ is upgraded to version 10.3.
  • All run-time libraries on GitHub have been safely and seamlessly migrated from cypresssemiconductorco to the infineon account.


We hope you like the sound of the changes we have made in this release. Please download and install it right away - it only takes a few minutes - because we are confident you'll enjoy it and it will help you make some great new products.

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I noted 'PSoC Creator', and I was hoping to see the graphical analog / UDB routing stuff... 🙄