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Available now, for all three host operating systems, ModusToolbox 2.3.1 is a patch release that installs on top of the ModusToolbox 2.3 tools package. It can be downloaded from the Download tab on the ModusToolbox Home Page. The patch comprises a brand-new LIN Configurator as well as production-ready updates to the Machine Learning (ML), Secure MCU, and Bluetooth Configurator tools.

Please read the Release Notes for more information and advice on installing the patch. Note that this release only contains changes to the listed tools and is not intended to be a general-purpose update for all users.

LIN Configurator version 1.0 (Beta)

This is a PSoC 4 middleware configurator that simplifies the implementation of LIN slave nodes compatible with the LIN 2.2 and ISO 17987 specifications. The intuitive GUI provides build-time configuration assistance for all parameters of the LIN Slave, which unburdens the LIN middleware from needing to support complex and expensive setup choices.

Machine Learning (ML) Configurator version 1.10

This is a production-ready update to the configurator and associated tools to support machine learning on Infineon PSoC MCUs. ModusToolbox ML is a new package of specialized tools, middleware and libraries to evaluate and deploy Deep Learning based Machine Learning models. This toolset allows you to directly import models from popular frameworks, such as TensorFlow, and then optimize and compress them for various quantization levels so you can quickly and easily exercise ML workloads on the MCU.

Bluetooth Configurator version 2.40

The upcoming major update (to version 3.x) of the btstack middleware requires a corresponding update to the configurator tool. When the new middleware is released, users shall be required to install this patch in order to configure Bluetooth Low Energy in their applications. To avoid version compatibility problems, the new tool is fully compatible with existing designs and generates both sets of configuration structures, enabling risk-free migration to different versions of the middleware. There are no UI or functionality updates to the configurator.

cysecuretools version 3.1.0

This update to the cysecuretools Python executable enables a new secure CyBootloader image for PSoC 64 applications. On devices with 2 MB on-chip flash memory the bootloader now supports the new-image swap function, which is a requirement to meet certain cloud certification requirements. Smaller devices continue to be supported by overwrite function.


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