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After poking around in Modus, the project structure seem very different compared to a WICED Wi-Fi project. What is everyone's experience going from WICED to Modus?

What kind of timeline would be expected? I don't expect it to be a drop in a go but is it basically a rewrite? How about the OTA image generation process, is it similar? Is the bootload structure similar?

I have a fairly large app that uses a lot of WICED network, security, rtos wrapper api, and wifi api's. I also heavily rely on the WICED ota2 library for OTA functionality. 

It looks like everything in Modus are modules that are pulled from Git when built. What happens if there are bugs in the library code? I had to do quite a bit of debugging and fixes in WICED code over the years to get things working okay. 

We also fought to get low power working correctly for over an year which resulted in a custom patch for WICED and CYW43907 6.2.1 from Cypress support that never went into the following WICED releases.

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Hi @NiMc_1688136 ,

Yes , The project in modus is structurally different from wiced .  

Though it is not very easy to port directly from wiced to modus, It is very advantageous to use modus for further upgradations of any library independently.  As the modus is modular in code it is easy to differentiate and debug. 

Low power mode of CYW43907 in modus is also under development and we are expecting it to be developed soon.


Rakesh B G