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PSoC™ 6

Discussion forum regarding PSoC™ 6 - 32-bit Arm Microcontroller (MCU) Forum, discusses the 40-nm technology - best combination of ultra-low-power consumption, flexibility, security and high-performance topics.

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PSoC™ 4

PSoC™ 4 - Arm®-based Forum, discusses the low-power Cortex®-M0 and Cortex®-M0+ cores, CapSense®, and Bluetooth® Low Energy

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PSoC™ 5, 3 & 1

The PSoC™ 5LP, PSoC 2 and PSoC 1 Forum discusses - 24-bit Digital Filter Block (DFB), 24 UDBs, DMA controller and integrating AFE, digital logic with user interface ICs with an Arm Cortex-M3 CPU solutions.

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CAPSENSE™ & MagSense

The Sensing Technology Forum discusses CAPSENSE™ - capacitive-sensing and MagSense inductive-sensing for consumer, industrial, automotive, and Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

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In this forum you can post your questions, comments and feedback about the 32-bit AURIX™ TriCore™ Microcontroller. The AURIX™ offers the highest scalability in performance, memory & peripherals across application. It is a safe and secure companion chip, meeting both the ISO functional safety standards and EVITA full security standards. Here you can also find the links to the latest board pages, SW and Tools GitHub, trainings, documents and FAQs

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Discussion forum regarding 32-bit TRAVEO™ T2G Microcontroller - based on ARM® for automotive body electronics applications; cutting-edge performance, safety, and security features topics.

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The MOTIX™ MCU forum is designed for you to post your questions, comments and feedback about the famous Embedded Power ICs at anytime. Ask your technical questions or explore existing content!

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PSoC™ 6
Hello all, I am using PSoC-6 (CY8C6347BZI-BLD33) and need to control a DC fan. Is there a component for that? if not, any suggestions? Thanks Show More
CAPSENSE™ & MagSense
Hi Infineon Team,   I am using cy8mbr3108 capsense. I am using linux platform and using i2cdetect utility for detecting the touch sensor over I2C. I f... Show More
Hi All, I am trying to move stack into DTCM memory area instead of SRAM area ,But I am getting BUS error when I am trying to access DTCM area in ARM_M... Show More
Hello, We are experiencing a high CPU load (95%)in the  System which is based on the “CYT4BFBCJE” (ARM_M7)microcontroller running at 160Mhz whereas th... Show More
Dears, Hello, My first post.I have just started working on TC387 5V TRB A2G kit. It seems that there are several code examples for iLLD for this tar... Show More
When I used IAR to download the program to the development board, "Failed connect to CPU" kept appearing, I could not download the program, what shoul... Show More
Hello, I hope you are doing well. I am working with TC3X7 Evaluation Board (Application Kit Manual TC3X7 V2.0 (mouser.com)). I would like to control a... Show More
hi friend, how to generated bin file with Tasking compiler , it trouble me tow day. Thank you in advance Regards Sea   Show More
PSoC™ 6
Hi, I’m building a PSoC 6 BLE application using Creator V4.4. The application requires the BLE module to operate as a Central device with up to four s... Show More
PSoC™ 4
HI. I am working on PSoC 4 project. i have an issue with CapSense_SetParam i changed the value for finger threshold through this API CapSense_SetParam... Show More
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Discussions regarding PSoC and MCU products.