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PSoC™ 6

Discussion forum regarding PSoC™ 6 - 32-bit Arm Microcontroller (MCU) Forum, discusses the 40-nm technology - best combination of ultra-low-power consumption, flexibility, security and high-performance topics.

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PSoC™ 4

PSoC™ 4 - Arm®-based Forum, discusses the low-power Cortex®-M0 and Cortex®-M0+ cores, CapSense®, and Bluetooth® Low Energy

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PSoC™ 5, 3 & 1

The PSoC™ 5LP, PSoC 2 and PSoC 1 Forum discusses - 24-bit Digital Filter Block (DFB), 24 UDBs, DMA controller and integrating AFE, digital logic with user interface ICs with an Arm Cortex-M3 CPU solutions.

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CAPSENSE™ & MagSense

The Sensing Technology Forum discusses CAPSENSE™ - capacitive-sensing and MagSense inductive-sensing for consumer, industrial, automotive, and Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

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Discussion forum regarding 32-bit TRAVEO™ T2G Microcontroller - based on ARM® for automotive body electronics applications; cutting-edge performance, safety, and security features topics.

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PSoC™ 4
Hello, I am working with PSoC-4 and want to know what is the PSoC-4 boot time. How much time it take for executing the first line of main() upon power... Show More
Processor card: KIT_XMC4400_DC_V1  Drive board:   EVAL-M5-IMZ120R-SIC  board.    Question:  How to set absolute current limit in software for I-V, I-U... Show More
Hello team, I am using the demo example from https://github.com/Infineon/AURIX_code_examples/tree/master/code_examples here. In MBIST demo example, de... Show More
PSoC™ 6
Hey Sir, MCU CY8C6347BZI-BLD54 is used as a CPU on our product and it has been produced for 50K-100K units. However, there are a few units (less than ... Show More
error: license check failed Hi All,I am trying to use the shieldbuddy 275 with the arduino IDE. Ive followed this guide: https://hitex.co.uk/fileadmin/uk-files/downloads/ShieldBuddy/4269.GettingStarted.pdf... Show More
PSoC™ 5, 3 & 1
I am working with CY8CKIT-059 and need help discerning the differences between my custom project and one of the projects provided under "Find code exa... Show More
The Universal Serial Interface Channel module (USIC) is a flexible interface module covering several serial communication protocols. A USIC module con... Show More
Hello, I'm trying to implement a CAN bus bootloader for the TC32x µC (only 1 bank of PFLASH). As my code is executed from the same bank as the one I w... Show More
PSoC™ 4
Is it possible for an application to overwrite the factory value of CY_SFLASH_USBMODE_IMO_GAIN_TRIM_REG or other registers in SFLASH, so the PSoC will... Show More
I need to test the below traps. Can you help me simulate the traps for testing? StackOverflow Illegal Opcode Memory Protection Write Show More
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Discussions regarding PSoC and MCU products.
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