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PSoC™ 6

Discussion forum regarding PSoC™ 6 - 32-bit Arm Microcontroller (MCU) Forum, discusses the 40-nm technology - best combination of ultra-low-power consumption, flexibility, security and high-performance topics.

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PSoC™ 4

PSoC™ 4 - Arm®-based Forum, discusses the low-power Cortex®-M0 and Cortex®-M0+ cores, CapSense®, and Bluetooth® Low Energy

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PSoC™ 5, 3 & 1

The PSoC™ 5LP, PSoC 2 and PSoC 1 Forum discusses - 24-bit Digital Filter Block (DFB), 24 UDBs, DMA controller and integrating AFE, digital logic with user interface ICs with an Arm Cortex-M3 CPU solutions.

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CAPSENSE™ & MagSense

The Sensing Technology Forum discusses CAPSENSE™ - capacitive-sensing and MagSense inductive-sensing for consumer, industrial, automotive, and Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

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Discussion forum regarding 32-bit TRAVEO™ T2G Microcontroller - based on ARM® for automotive body electronics applications; cutting-edge performance, safety, and security features topics.

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The MOTIX™ MCU forum is designed for you to post your questions, comments and feedback about the famous Embedded Power ICs at anytime. Ask your technical questions or explore existing content!

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Hello, I want to use Erika on TC397_TFT board. But I didn't find sample project. Could you please help me?Best regards, Show More
Hi, I would like to use the XMC1402 for PCC of my converter as it has slightly better PWM resolution and CAN support. However, I see that the DAVE app... Show More
PSoC™ 6
I'm attempting to load the Setup Package for CY8CKIT062WiFiBT DOWNLOAD - CY8CKIT062WiFiBTSetupOnlyPackage_RevSS.exe The process stops with a note that... Show More
PSoC™ 4
Hello, I am looking to make a tiny bot using CY8C4745LQI-S411. I was planning to directly connect it to a 3.7V battery and utilize the internal regula... Show More
Hello, I can see that to enable die temperature sensor measurement we can enable it with by setting "MODULE_SCU.DTSCLIM.B.EN" to 1.   Similarly, how t... Show More
Hello,I'm planing to develop an ISO26262-compliant module to achieve ASIL-B and also need cyber security.I see from the AURIX safety manual (page 18, ... Show More
Hi Alm6[19-21] is meant for the modules below   I have cleared the corresponding MTU alarms, but the SMU alarm 6[20] is not getting cleared Any sugge... Show More
PSoC™ 5, 3 & 1
Hey all, I'm looking into interfacing a PSoC5LP to a bit of a strange I2C Master.  Rather than being designed to run on a bus, I have to interface usi... Show More
PSoC™ 6
because github cannot be accessed in my office, I have to use offline content. Show More
PSoC™ 4
We are having connection stability issues while using CYBLE-012011-00 EZ-BLE Creator Module in our device when communicating with our iOS app. The pro... Show More
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Discussions regarding PSoC and MCU products.
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