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6033c5107886d.jpg.pngWe’ve done the research for you! We have the industry’s ultra lowest-power nonvolatile memory. How is this done you ask? Well, Infineon’s new 8Mb and 16Mb Excelon™ F-RAM memories extend the ultra-low-power operation, high-speed interfaces, and instant non-volatility advantages of our Excelon™ F-RAM family to higher densities. The new 16Mb Excelon™ F-RAM is the industry’s highest density serial non-volatile RAM and the highest density F-RAM on the market. With an efficient low pin count and high-speed Quad SPI interface operating at 108-MHz, our new F-RAM densities offer up to 54MB per second of data throughput – as fast as a parallel interface SRAM with 35ns burst access time. Now, designers can take advantage of fast write speeds, high-endurance, and higher densities to reliably capture additional data without choosing between high-performance and lower pin count. 

6033c576197bd.jpg.pngMany industrial systems currently use a 16Mb parallel asynchronous low-power SRAM backed-up with a battery. With our 16Mb Excelon™ F-RAM, you can eliminate the battery from your system and even remove periodical maintenance costs for battery replacement and upkeep. Unlike battery-backed SRAMs, Excelon™ F-RAM ensures “zero data at risk” by instantly storing data to the non-volatile memory on system power loss, without external power back-up.


The 16Mb Excelon™ LP F-RAM also offers multiple low-power modes for energy-efficient operation, controlling start-up surge currents that typically limit system battery life. Combine Infineon’s PSoC® 6 MCU with an Excelon™ LP F-RAM for an ultra-low-power system ideal for portable, battery-operated, and smart IoT devices that record immense amounts of telemetry data.

Other applications, like electronic gaming machines, require reliable data-logging memory with sufficient density and extremely fast, real-time data capture to prevent game, player, and financial data loss during power failure. 16Mb Excelon™ F-RAMs now offer enough non-volatile memory storage, transact up to 54MB per second of data throughput in a fast serial interface, and support over 100-trillion read/write cycles of endurance for higher reliability, making them a perfect match for applications like these.

6041f98d5b394.tif.pngAutomotive event data recorders also need a higher density data-logging memory with enough endurance to continuously capture real-time vehicular data, like speed, mileage, and location, over its lifetime and up to the last second in a crash. Excelon™ Auto F-RAMs can offer up to 16Mb of non-volatile memory storage, fast writes at bus speeds, support for harsh automotive operating conditions, and provide AEC-Q100 Grade II and functional safety qualified memory components.

With our new higher densities, >100-trillion cycles of endurance, and ultra-low standby and hibernate currents that are lower than competing EEPROM and NOR Flash devices, Infineon’s Excelon™ F-RAM solves many key battery, memory, and endurance problems that manufacturers face today.

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To find out more about how Infineon’s Excelon™ F-RAM memory solutions enable Industry 4.0, reply below and we’d be happy to start a conversation. Also feel free to check out all the high-speed, instant non-volatility  and ultra-low-power operation advantages with resources, documentation, and support.

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