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Memory Solutions


RAM: HyperRAM™ in HMI

HMI.pngTraditionally, HMIs are controlled by an MCU, MPU, or FPGA, and use SDRAM or PSRAM for code execution and graphics buffering. This approach, however, significantly compromises the ease of design, power consumption, and footprint of the system.

What other option is out there you ask? An alternative approach to optimize system design is the use of HyperRAM.

HyperRAM offers a high bandwidth of 400MBps, comparable to that of SDR SDRAM or DDR SDRAM or Parallel ADMUX PSRAM, but comes in a smaller footprint (48mm2), low-pin-count package.

HyperRAM also shares a common footprint with xSPI-based (HyperBus and Octal SPI interfaces) NOR Flash which enables use of a single bus for both RAM and Flash.

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