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NOR: Renesas qualifies Infineon NOR Flash for new R-Car S4 reference design


Infineon’s NOR Flash memory is designed to serve a multitude of purposes. As a result, we are excited to announce that Renesas has completed qualification of Infineon NOR Flash memory with their next-generation R-Car S4 SoC and has integrated our chips onto their reference design.

In particular, Renesas selected both the HYPERFLASH™ 1.8V 512Mb S26KS512SDP and the standard QSPI 1.8V 512Mb S25FS512SDS memories for this application.

R-Car S4 is the first automotive SoC from Renesas optimized for automotive server and communication gateways. To read more about R-Car S4, please check out Renesas’s product page.

For more information on how Infineon products can fit into your applications, please contact our sales team.