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NOR: Infineon Flash Memory Qualified as 1st source on Renesas R-CAR V3U ADAS SoC which Enables Level



For those out there building systems involving automated driving or parking, we know you must rely on Flash approved by SoC and a reference design manufacturer. And with that knowledge, we are announcing that our Infineon Flash Memory has been validated as the 1st source on Renesas Automotive R-Car V3U SoC.

What specific memory you ask? Renesas has completed the qualification of Infineon's 1.8V HyperFlashTM 512Mb S26KS512SDP and 1.8V QSPI 512Mb Flash S25FS512SDS with their latest Decision Engine/Path-planning SoC, R-CAR V3U.

Now pair that with a Sensor Fusion system and the combination enables Autonomous Driving Level 3 and above amongst many other exciting applications.

Curious how Infineon’s Hyperbus enables Autonomous Driving and other best-in-class applications? Reply below and we’d be happy to discuss or come and check out all our high-speed, low-pin-count product capabilities complete with all the resources and documentation and support.

Infineon HyperFlash

Want to better understand how these Infineon NOR Flash Memories have been integrated into Renesas Reference boards for ADAS Sensor Fusion (R-Car V3M/R-Car V3H) and ADAS Path-Planning (R-Car V3U)? Check out Renesas R-Car-H3-M3-Starter-Kit  and Renesas R-Car V3U.

And as always, please reply below with any questions you might have about the product or its applications.