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Nor Flash

The NOR Flash Memory forum discusses critical safety features for automotive and industrial systems, and Semper NOR Flash Memory with ASIL-B compliant and ASIL-D-ready.

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Hyper Flash

The HyperFlash NOR Flash memories Forum offers discussions on automotive advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), automotive instrument cluster, automotive infotainment systems, and communication equipment.

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Hyper RAM

HyperRAM™ memory Forum discusses self-refresh DRAM operating on the 12-pin HyperBus interface. With a read throughput up to 333 MB/s, the HyperRAM for SoCs with limited on-board RAM providing external scratch-pad memory for fast read and write operations.

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Non Volatile RAM (F-RAM & NVSRAM)

Non-volatile RAM forum discusses Technology such as F-RAM and nvSRAM, which combine non-volatile data storage up to 16Mbit density with the high performance of RAM. These low-power memories offer high endurance, high data retention and instant non-volatility without external battery back-up, enabling system reliability and cost reduction.

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Discussion forum for SRAM related topics.

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Specialty Memory
        Hello,        I need the VHDL model for the device CYD09S18V18 (256 Ball-Grid Array). Where can I find it?        Thanks,    Frank    Show More
        Hi All,        Why are the Address pins not numbered in ASYNC SRAMs? Is there any reason for this?        Regards,    Eins    Show More
        Hi,        In the part number CY7C1041BNL-15ZXC, what is the meaning of the letters B, N and L? Is there a part number decoder available?     ... Show More
        Hi,        I would like to know how to design the Terminations for the Sync and NoBL SRAMs. Thanks in advance.        Regards,    Eins    Show More
        The operating current ICC mentioned in the datasheet includes only the core power, it does not include the IO power. You can compute the IO po... Show More
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Memory Discussion Forums discussions regarding NOR Flash, SRAM, nvSRAM and F-RAM - performance and reliability with discrete memory densities ranging from 4K-bit to 2G-bit topics.