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Nor Flash

The NOR Flash Memory forum discusses critical safety features for automotive and industrial systems, and Semper NOR Flash Memory with ASIL-B compliant and ASIL-D-ready.

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Hyper Flash

The HyperFlash NOR Flash memories Forum offers discussions on automotive advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), automotive instrument cluster, automotive infotainment systems, and communication equipment.

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Hyper RAM

HyperRAM™ memory Forum discusses self-refresh DRAM operating on the 12-pin HyperBus interface. With a read throughput up to 333 MB/s, the HyperRAM for SoCs with limited on-board RAM providing external scratch-pad memory for fast read and write operations.

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Non Volatile RAM (F-RAM & NVSRAM)

Non-volatile RAM forum discusses Technology such as F-RAM and nvSRAM, which combine non-volatile data storage up to 16Mbit density with the high performance of RAM. These low-power memories offer high endurance, high data retention and instant non-volatility without external battery back-up, enabling system reliability and cost reduction.

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Discussion forum for SRAM related topics.

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Nor Flash
Since AMD Flash memory spun off to Spansion and then to Cypress who is part of Infineon I am coming here with a question about how production location... Show More
Nor Flash
Hello Everyone:       We are not able to set 'WEL' bit in Status Register 1, or even read back what is written in Memory. We are using a FPGA to inter... Show More
Non Volatile RAM (F-RAM & NVSRAM)
Wrong marking
We would like to have your help here.  About FM24CL64B-G : Per the data sheet mentioned the second line of the top marking were BE part Rev code + lot... Show More
Nor Flash
Hello,I am trying to write bit 3 of configuration register 3 in a S25HL250T device.  I see in the data sheet that the bit is only writeable in the non... Show More
Nor Flash
Is there any equal 4KB erase sector SPI Nor Flash solution in Infineon portfolios? I checked  in Semper series and S25FL/FS, S70FL/FS,  all of them ar... Show More
Nor Flash
Hi All,  We are using OSPI NOR Flash S28HS512TGABHM013 in our product. It would be great if you can share compatible driver for Linux-5.10.35 version.... Show More
Nor Flash
Hello everybody!   Recently I was doing some hacky/fancy tests of flash chip behavior between different manufacturers when it is used not *exactly* ho... Show More
Nor Flash
Hi, I would like to know the Junction- Case Thermal Resistance and Max Junction Temperature for S25FL256SAGMFI001. Thanks, Prathik Show More
Nor Flash
Dear all:      It seems some errors in S79FS01GS Datasheet      In chapter "Ordering Information" , what it described is S25FS series      In Packages... Show More
Non Volatile RAM (F-RAM & NVSRAM)
HI, I am using CY15B064Q-SXE IC as it suits my requirement. In the product spec it was written that minimum operating temperature is -40 deg. But in d... Show More
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Memory Discussion Forums discussions regarding NOR Flash, SRAM, nvSRAM and F-RAM - performance and reliability with discrete memory densities ranging from 4K-bit to 2G-bit topics.
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