TLE987x CSA GAIN Setting


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Now I testing CSA(Current Sense Amplifier) peripheral.

as I know, their has gain setting and it is 4 levels.

but I`m not sure this setting level really applied it because current sensing value always same even changed this gain factor.

and in User_Manual, it has 4 level for gain, but in KEIL Complier has 15 level for it.(In debugging and watching this SFR)

so, what is the correct it?

Is there errata for TLE987X?

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Hi Justin,
I can confirm you that CSA.CTRL.GAIN settings are really applied. You are right: the SFR value range shown in KEIL uVision4 is from 0 to 15 during debug, but values above 3 shouldn't be meaningful for TLE987x.
Assuming you are trying to control a motor: are you sure your current sampling (ADC1) is synchronized with the inverter PWM (i.e. current is actually flowing into the shunt resistor when you are sampling it)?