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I am attempting to use the TLE9879 EvalKit version 1.3 with a QLB4208 motor with Hall sensors and ran into multiple discrepancies regarding the Hall connections.

In abstract.txt:
/** Hall A - P0.3 : green (Motor Hall B) **/
/** Hall B - P0.4 : white (Motor Hall C) **/
/** Hall C - P1.2 : blue (Motor Hall A) **/

Note that in the above, the comments do not agree. Also note that the colors per the QLB4208 documentation match the parameters inside the parentheses.

In the default wizard file:

The above agrees with the first characters in each line of abstract.txt (but not the documentation with the motor).

In bchall_defines.h:
#define BCHALL_INPUT_A (0x0) /*decimal 0*/
#define BCHALL_INPUT_B (0x1) /*decimal 1*/
#define BCHALL_INPUT_C (0x1) /*decimal 1*/

This seems quite odd. I suppose the values could be in some type of code, but that the values for B and C are the same does not appear to make sense.

With the sample file loaded from BLDC_BC_HALL_EXAMPLE_TLE987X, the voltages at pins P0.3, P0.4 and P1.2 are 2.6V, which also seems odd.

Any help sorting this out will be greatly appreciated.


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No matter the suqence of ABC.In Hall register, the sequence of Hall signal is CCPOS2 CCPOS1 CCPOS0.
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Thank you Liang Xiao. I now have a motor spinning.

Perhaps I am missing some top-level documentation. For example, I don't see how to change the speed or direction of the motor, which I assume using the eval board should be easy.