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I am working with TLE9879x controller. I need information regarding the startup procedure for TLE9879x controller. I also want to understand what actually NAC and NAD means. It was found that when I gave wrong NAC and NAD location, software didn't execute at power up, although it was able to flash and run the code using debugger. But when I gave correct NAC and NAD location, software runs. Can someone tell me what actually NAC and NAD means. Why the software doesn't starts with wrong NAC and NAD? Any link or .pdf regarding this will also be helpful.

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The NAD and NAC values are explained in the "Bootrom User Manual" and in the "FAQ Application Note".

Here are the direct links to the product pages, where the documents can be found:

(NAD) Node Address for Diagnostic
The NAD value specifies the address of the active slave node for LIN.

(NAC) No Activity Count
The NAC value defines the time window after reset release in which the firmware is able to receive a BSL connection messages.
The bits 3 to 0 define the duration of the time window, while the bits 6 and 7 of the NAC define which BSL interface is selected.

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