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TLE98XX Flash Programming Through SWD

I am attempting to develop an SWD solution that will erase and program the flash of a TLE9862. I have the TLE986xQX-UserManual and the TLE986xQX-BootROM-User-Manual. The TLE986xQX-UserManual says that I can program the flash with the SWD but does not document the register set that is used to erase and program the flash and says to use the Boot ROM. It looks like the TLE986xQX-BootROM-User-Manual assumes that the interface is UART, and does not explain how to do it with the SWD. So there appears to be a disconnect of information, or some other manual I am missing.
I am successful at making the SWD control this device. I have access to the ARM Cortex-M3 core, and I have the CPU in a halted state. I have R/W access to the RAM and register set, and the CPU registers r0-r15.
I was hoping I could use some of the Boot ROM functions by loading their address into the Program Counter and un-halting the core, but I am faced with this dilemma.
1) All functions have input and return parameters, I don’t know how they are passed (CPU registers, Stack?)
2) All functions are at an odd address, the SWD does not allow an odd address to be loaded into the program counter r15.
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