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Simple problem, long description:

I'm working with the Arduino shield in the title. The shield and code don't work out of the box, which is understandable, but no matter how I change the motor parameters, I still get the same horrible, grinding sounds. I've been working in PlatformIO because the proposed toolchain (Infineon Developer Center > Config Wizard for MOTIX MCU > Keil uVision5) is such a hassle. Tried to get it to work, stopped midway.

Anyways, I have a VESC6 EDU, which can deduce all the motor's characteristics, like its resistance, impedance,  flux linkage, KP, KI, observer gain, etc. but the names of the parameters don't correspond with all of those the TLE9879QXA40 takes. I've included the C header file generated by the VESC Tool that lists all the parameters it is using to run the motor (Motor_Configuration.docx -- .h file type not supported, sorry).

I've also attached the main source code I'm trying to run (Code.docx -- .cpp file type not supported, sorry). It's got all the parameter changes I've tried. 

I'm using a 12V/500W power supply and a miniature outrunner (sensorless, 1500KV, 2-4S, 30Amax). I know the board is rated for 10A, but I also know the motor doesn't need to draw anything near 10A to run at 1000rpm with no attached load. I've included a picture of my janky setup.

I'm hoping someone here can make my week a little better and help. I hate it when simple problems beat me.


Thanks in advance,

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Hi @WackoKacko,

The setParameter() function was not working correctly and to make it work you have to make few changes. 

The necessary changes are mentioned in the following post.

BLDC_SHIELD_TLE9879: setParameter() Working. 

After making the changes mentioned try changing the parameters and let us know if you need further support.


Thank you

Best Regards

Raj Chaudhari