Arduino TLE9879 BLDC Shield + Arduino Ethernet Shield not working together


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Hi Infinion,
Greetings of the day!!

I have tested the TLE9879 BLDC Arduino shield and Arduino Ethernet Shield on Arduino UNO. I have made the following setup (Stacked up):

Setup 1: Arduino UNO + Ethernet Shield (Chip Select pin 10)
Setup 2: Arduino UNO + TLE9879 BLDC Shield (Chip Select pin 4)
Setup 3: Arduino UNO + Ethernet Shield (Chip Select pin 10) + TLE9879 BLDC Shield (Chip Select pin 4)

Out of this setup, only setup 1 and setup 2 works.

For setup 3 the both the shield behaves unexpectedly and random. Please note that I have used standard libraries for both Ethernet and BLDC Shield.

I have been using the example code from this link below:

BLDC: Infineon/TLE9879-BLDC-Shield (
Ethernet: arduino-libraries/Ethernet: Ethernet Library for Arduino (

Expectation: Run MQTT client on Arduino using the Ethernet Shield to send command to the Motor Shield to Start, Stop or Change Speed.

Problem: The Shields doesn't respond most of the time. I think its an Overlap of the SPI.

Kindly help me to do the Setup 3

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Hi @ashrafulkhn,

Can you please ensure that if the Chip Select 10 and Chip Select 4 are not accessed (enabled or disabled) at the same time, it might lead to unexpected behaviour.

For debugging the issue for setup 3, we recommend you analyse the data and check if the data is sent by the Arduino board to the BLDC shield. Please, ensure that the data sent by the Arduino (stand-alone) matches exactly with the Arduino + ethernet breakout board.


Please, let us know if there is anything specific to the BLDC shield. 

Thank you

Best Regards

Raj Chaudhari


About chip select:
- Chip select 10 assigned for Ethernet Shield.
- Chip selcet 4 Assigned for TLEShield.

Trying to figure out if both of them are operated simultaneously. I have also shared the links to the libraries. If you clould please try helping us would be great. I am not finding any place yet where they have been called together.

Just curious: Will there be any issues if both are used at the same time?