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MOTIX™ Driver

Level 2
Level 2
How to treat unused gate drivers when the static brake or the VS overvoltage brake are used for the TLE9210x product family?

SHx must be connected to GND if the following conditions are met:
- The half-bridge is not used
- And the corresponding external MOSFETs are not populated on the board
- And the VS overvoltage brake or the static brake are used
- And the passive drain-source overvoltage detection is activated
The SHx of the half-bridges without populated MOSFETs must be connected GND to avoid a wrong drain-source overvoltage detection.
Indeed, the device activates all low-sides MOSFETs during a VS overvoltage with bridge driver in passive mode event or when the static brake is activated.
If an unused SHx is not connected to GND, then SHx is not pulled to low because of the unpopulated MOSFET.
The floating SHx can result in VSHx – VSL > VVDSMONTHx_BRAKE and a drain-source overvoltage for the half-bridge HBx is detected. Then the device turns off all low-side MOSFETs because of the error detection.

GHx and GLx can be left open.
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