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MOTIX™ Bridges

New Contributor
I am using BTN8982TA IC. In that IC, i am getting voltage as 1.93 in IS pin, and i am using Rs as 3.6K.

How to calculate IL load current by using these values?

How to find the dkilis value?
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please have a look at the datasheet of the device. You can find it under below link. Rs of 3k6 seems too high. We usually recommend 1k. The IS pin provides a current which consists of two components:
- offset current
- sense current which is ILOAD/dKilis.

The offset current can be measured when the low side switch is active (IN =0) and this value need to be substracted form the IS when high side is active. Current sensing is only active when high side switch is active.

On the above web page you can find application notes and simulation tools in addition.
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