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MOSFET (Si/SiC) Forum Discussions

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Hello everyone  I am workinng on a simulation on LTSPICE I made a starting model for the MOSFET IRFP4868PbF but I doesnt work well. I am wondering is ... Show More
Hi, I was wondering if there are radiators sold that clip directly onto the PG-HDSOP-22 package . That would make cooling a lot easier than designing ... Show More
Hello Everyone.I tried to run the application examples of plecs in my computer but i am receiving the following error: Error evaluating parameter 'MOSFET loss tables... Show More
Hello, in our application we use a MOSFET in a PG-HSOF-8-1 housing. We are currently trying to optimize the soldering process for this product. Is the... Show More
HI, I am developing a 500W PFC for a medical application. The PFC using the ICE2PCS05G is working well but when powered directly from 240V mains there... Show More
We are in the process of designing  6KW DC-DC boost converter. Specifications of the converter are as follows:   Input Supply: 24V DC Control voltage ... Show More
Dear Support Team, As part of my diploma thesis at the Center for Microtechnical Production at the TU Dresden, I am working on the development of a te... Show More
Dear Community, Pre Story: I am currently working on a booster coverter. As low side FET for the booster I was looking to use some Infineon Mosfets. ... Show More
for isolated High voltage dc-dc conversion FB-LLC, PSFB, DAB are preferable choices  for 3 KW uni directional, which topology is preferable?? For 7 KW... Show More
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Power MOSFETs have become an integral part of most of industrial and automotive applications, and Infineon offers leading-edge solutions to suit all needs. Infineon’s innovative OptiMOS™, CoolMOS™, and StrongIRFET™ low and medium voltage power MOSFETs consistently meet the highest quality and performance demands in key specifications for power system design, such as on-state resistance and figure of merit characteristics. Additionally, CoolMOS™ superjunction MOSFET offers a whole host of options for consumer, industrial, and automotive applications such as lighting, TV, audio, server/telecom, solar, EV charging, DC-DC converter, onboard chargers, and many more . In this forum, you can post your questions, comments, and feedback about Si/ SiC MOSFET of both industrial and automotive grades from Infineon.