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MOSFET (Si/SiC) Forum Discussions

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I was able to find a Si MOSFET temperature dependent from Infineon website and download its library. I had several errors when trying to import this component. Is there any steps of instructions to import Infineon model into Orcad? Did anyone have this issue before and how can we solve it? each time I get one of these two errors (although both of them were defined in edit simulation-->library):

1) ERROR -- Can't find nomd.lib
2) error(orpsim-16276): can't find library .lib

The name of the file that has this library is very long and it has many characters. I thought that might be an issue too so I changed it to a simpler name and in this case the previous two errors were gone but I got another different type of errors (attached).

Please advice.
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which spice model Si MOSFET you are using here in LTSpice? Can you provide a link?