I have a couple of questions designing power MOSFET circuits

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I have a couple of questions. If using that MOSFET driver, do I still need that gate pull down resistor, or is that included internally in that driver (I noticed the IN+ pin contains a 200K pull down, but wasn't sure if that translated to the gate pin). Second question is, if I use that setup, with the micro going to the MOSFET driver and then to the MOSFET, can I just hook that MOSFET drain straight to the brushed 10A DC motor's "negative" lead with the 12V going to the brushed 10A DC motor's "positive" lead? Assuming I use a fly back diode, like a MBR40100CT?

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  Thank you for posting on the Infineon Developer community. 


In the description i could see that the MOSFET with which you are working is mentioned. 

But the gate driver is not specified.

Different gate drivers have different specifications. Some has internal pull down resistor and some doesn't. And same with the protection features. Some gate drivers can be directed connected to the load and some cannot be. 

So please do let me know the gate driver that you are using. I can help with your application. 



Abhilash P