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MOSFET (Si/SiC) Forum Discussions

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I am an engineering student doing a project on power electronics. While looking for some material related to MOSFET gate drive circuits for control of motors I came across
[1] Mößlacher Christian and Guillemant Olivier, Simple Design Techniques for Optimizing Efficiency and Overvoltage Spike of Synchronous Rectification in DC to DC Converters, Application Note AN 2012-03 V 2.1. March 2012, Infineon Technologies Austria AG, 2011. (page 5)

I shall be really grateful if I could have the answers to some queries in regard to topics mentioned in the note. I am working on optimizing a power MOSFET driver circuit for a PMDC motor with a PWM input at the gate for speed control. I wished to know how should I be calculating the FOM for a power MOSFET used for this application and whether this value would be significant for determining the optimum Rds(on) value and gate voltage amplitude and frequency.

Surabhi Agarwal
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