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I want to use an Infineon CoolMOS in a medium/high power switching application. The chip of choise is the IPD60R600E6. The spice model can be found here:
I copied the source code from the file to a new .spi file. Then i added a new Item to my schematic, a nmos4 from the analogLib. I changed the model name to IPD60R600E6 an added the spice file to the library list. Then i changed the pin setup in the spice file to.SUBCKT IPD60R600E6_L0 source gate bulk drain because in the nmos4 lib it says that Source is pin 1, Gate is pin 2 etc. The bulk contact in the spice file is not connected because in the spice model it is connected to source. Plotting the transfer characteristic i get far too high currents in the range of kA. Even with Vgs = 1V the transistor seems to conduct with the same current... (Vth>= 2.1V)

Any idea what i did wong? Is it the correct way to use a analogLib nmos4 and change the model name? I did the same with a IRF430 MOSFET and this worked without a problem.
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Seems OK to me, I just used the LIB file "as is", created "default rectangular" parts and wired up a trivial test circuit, I am getting currents of the order of Amps so I would reckon that to be "pretty normal". I suspect that you may have some issues with the pin mapping between the schematic part and the LIB file. Try the "default rectangle" symbols first and then move on to a "proper" symbol, this will at least confirm that the model / configuration is OK and the issue is with the pin mapping. There are some issues with the "Model Import Wizard and Pin Number mapping so, if you used this method, it might explain why this is not working. Personally, I would tend to leave the LIB file text alone and work from there.