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I am only a rising senior in my university, so I am pretty new to this field beside electronics 1 and 2.

Basically, I have a project that uses one device to transmit visible light through a communication channel to a receiver. My goal is a 1 Mbps speed, but I am limited by my current mosfet driver being too slow for the PWM signal I observed on an oscilloscope. I found a couple fets I think will be a better fit, but I am unsure of how to apply them in my circuit. I was hoping someone could recommend typical circuits used for this application that I can study.

Here are some useful specs:

The optical output power of the LED is 5W, and total power dissipated is 8W. It uses 4V, and around 2A typically. At max, it can use 5V and around 3.5A, but I do not plan on that so I want to stay in the typ. range.

MOSFETS i am currently looking at: IPN70R360P7S; IPD60R600P7

Please lmk if you think you can offer help, or advice! Anything is greatly appreciated! 🙂 Thanks


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Hi @Heatace7,

Thank you for your question,

For a better understanding of your problem, can you pl provide the below details-

  •  Is the Gate driver getting slow or the MOSFET and what is the frequency of PWM signal you want to apply.
  • Snapshot/schematic of the reference circuit with ratings.