secondary boot loader

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I am looking for an example of secondary boot loader for a flash re-programmer for xc2257-96f80l or similar.
Our plan is to partition the flash memory in two, in order to have the secondary boot loader and application programmed on the same chip and to be able to jump from one to the other.

best regards,
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Hi Bertrand,

Unfortunately we don't have any example or application note on this.
However, it is not that hard to implement it.
Perhaps you can bring up any issue you face here and we can guide you on the implementation.
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I have two projects
The secondary program loader (SPL) located in sector0 starting at address 0x00C00000
The application located in sector1 starting at address 0x00C40000 with _cstart
I have programmed the flash memory using the two .hex using infineon mentool and try to call the application _cstart from the SPL.
I am using a pointer to function pointing to the 0x00C40000 but it fails. However using that pointer I can call the slp cstart.
Here is the function pointer.

void (*call_app1_ptr)(void); /* declaration function pointer */
call_app1_ptr = (void(*)(void)) 0x00c40000 ; /* initialisation function pointer */
call_app1_ptr();/* application _cstart call */