how can I get xc2268N DIP file?

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Dear Infineon Support Team

We have plan to used XC2268N, but I can not find XC2268N Dip file for DAVE2.
I confirmed XC2236N, XC2238N, XC2265N in the XC22xxN DIP file.
there is a difference in package between xc2236N(QFP 64) and xc2268N(QFP 100)
there is a difference in CAN node between xc2265N(3 node) and XC2268N(6 node)
How to use XC2268N in the dave2?
How can I get the XC2268N Dip file or another method to used DAVE2 for XC2268N?

Best Regard.
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I'm sorry to trouble you,Has your problem been solved? i met the same of problem. if you solve the problem,can you tell me the way? Thanks very much!!! my e-mail is "".