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Legacy microcontrollers
I'm encountering an issue when operating UART 4 at elevated temperatures. The part I am using is S6E2HG6G0AGV20000 which is rated to 125 degrees C. UA... Show More
Legacy microcontrollers

Hi all,

Please let us know Fab and Assembly information of S6E2H14F0AGV20000.


Legacy microcontrollers


For our company mass product, I need fm3 flash programmer source code .


Legacy microcontrollers
Hi, I''m working on a project using the C167CS micro controller and i want to program it but i don't know how to do this!If i use the ulink2, how can ... Show More
Legacy microcontrollers
Hi, I am looking at an FM3 MCU part number CY9BF518TPMC-GK7E1. I would like to decode this part number. For example, what is the difference between CY... Show More
Legacy microcontrollers
Hello,I am having communication error while programing XMC1402 using XMC Jlink tool. I have modified Jlink to accommodate power supply that supplies 3... Show More
Legacy microcontrollers

Hello, I need help finding the ECC writing algorithm. I need to change one byte and fix ECC in binary. How to calculate ecc

Legacy microcontrollers
hi there, I currently working on FR81s MCU MB91524FS with SOFTune Compiler V65L06R01 for FBL project and I have 2 issue with compiler generated code i... Show More
Legacy microcontrollers
I was looking for a report regarding FIT and MTTF data for  the ARM CPU type S6E1C32B0AGU1H000. Is there any chance to get these data? Show More
Legacy microcontrollers
I want to use S6E1C32B0AGU1H000 (WLCSP-30 package).Is there information on recommended land patterns for this device? The following Appnote does not m... Show More