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Legacy microcontrollers
Dear Sirs, I need to read/write this MCU flash memory.For this purpose I can use free Fujitsu tool "FR MCU Programmer V01,L28"and respective connectio... Show More
Legacy microcontrollers

Where can I find the recommeded foot print for the part S6E2CCAL0AGL2000A Controller?

Legacy microcontrollers
Hello, I posses a ecu with has two Aurix microcontrollers on it. I am connected remotely to it and I want to debug one at a time and have the other fr... Show More
Legacy microcontrollers
Hello all,Good day!!I have to test ECC trap in SW. We are using TC17XX series for our hardware. We have to test the controller's durability against EC... Show More
Legacy microcontrollers
Edit: I have resolved the issue. I had to go to to "Project -> Manage -> Select Software Packs..." and enable ARM_Compiler. After that, I had to go to... Show More
Legacy microcontrollers
Hello,I want to Synchronize the PWM of Two TC26x Micro-controllers.Which are located on the same PCM designCould You please support on this topic?Cont... Show More
Legacy microcontrollers
Can we change the output voltage of EVAL_3K3W_BIDI_PSFB to 60V-84 range on the fly?Output wattage we need is 3.3KW only.What changes in hardware we ne... Show More
Legacy microcontrollers
I want the IBIS model of MB9BF116RPMC-G-F4E1. Because It changed the design of the DAC circuit and want to analyze the transmission line. Thanks,Tetsu... Show More
Legacy microcontrollers
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Legacy microcontrollers
Hello.I have three questions about the power supply sequence of the S6E2H. 1. The datasheet only mentions "VCC -> AVCC -> AVRH" as the power-on sequen... Show More