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Legacy microcontrollers
Hello,I am working with the FM4-176L-S6E2CC-ETH Starter Kit and the IAR embedded workbench IDE. I would like to use the serial timer function of the M... Show More
Legacy microcontrollers
Hello, ALL     I am a new student, I need the MB9D560 SDK package.     Who help me?  thank you !     I need the  MB9D560 SDK, include the software dri... Show More
Legacy microcontrollers
ワークフラッシュを「セクタ消去一時停止」、「セクタ消去再開」するサンプルコードはありますでしょうか。ここにあるProgramming Specificationを参照し、「セクタ消去一時停止」および「セクタ消去再開」を試みましたが、動作いたしません。消去コマンド書き込み直後に消去一時停止のみを実行す... Show More
Legacy microcontrollers
Helloi nedd to pragram a series of CY90F362TESPMCR microcontrollers. What serial programmers are available and at what cost? Show More
Legacy microcontrollers
Hi,   客户使用698的AD口时,如果只是接上拉电阻,当上拉电阻为几K时,电压为5V,AD值也是正确的,如果上拉电阻接1M, 此时测量电压为4.5V,AD值大概为800多。请问这是为什么?谢谢! Show More
Legacy microcontrollers
Hi!I am try reading data status register from flash W25N01GVZEIG TR, logic analyzer show that all okbut i am getting 0xFF. Receive works in interupt m... Show More
Legacy microcontrollers
To all,I have place a Windows PC terminal source code in C# on the Code sharing forum.PC Terminal Program with C# Source CodeEnjoy,Len Show More
Legacy microcontrollers
I  write a Bootloader for a FM4 CY9BF368 with the Standard Frequenz of 160 MHz.After I change the Program counter_asm("LDR PC, [R0, #4]");         //L... Show More
Legacy microcontrollers
How does it mean this surface printing ? Model : MB9BF124LPMC1-G-JNE2 Surface printig : 1625 326  1625 = 2016 / 25W ?  326 = ?マイコンのシルク印刷表記について、下記は何を表し... Show More
Legacy microcontrollers
您好!我在网站上看到softune的链接,https://www.cypress.com/documentation/software-and-drivers/softune-ide-integrated-development-environment 上面说找local sales或者发起一个technical support case... Show More