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Hi all,

I´m using USIC in SSC-Master Mode and want to transmit n 16bit words without pause between these 16bit words, i.e. it should be a continuous bit-stream of n 16bit words.
Transmission is controlled with PEC, i.e. as soon as transmit buffer is free, new data is loaded. However there is a short pause between these 16bit words!
This pause is 35us at a baudrate of 500kHz and 85us at a baudrate of 200kHz, i.e. the pause is about the time duration for the transmission of one 16bit word.
Is it possible to reduce this pause?
In Shift Control Register H, Frame Length is 16bit and Word Length is 16bit.

Attached is the an extract of the init function

Thanks for your help!
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Hi Bizbal,

Perhaps you can try setting the PCTQ1 and DCTQ1 to zero.
You can configured from register PCRL.
The equation for the delay:
Tiw = Tnf = 1/fCTQIN × (PCTQ1 + 1) × (DCTQ1 + 1)

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Hi Rou,

PCTQ and DCTQ is zero.

I have changed frame length (FLE) in SCTRH to 3Fh (64 bits) and have activated RI - and AI - interrupts.

After that, even after 4x16bit there is no pause anymore!!!

If I change FLE to 32bit after 2x16bits there is a pause.

Has anyone experience with this?

Thanks for your help!
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Hi bizbal,

When setting the FLE to 64bit, it set the Frame Length to infinite.
This means, the data will be continuous to sent until EOF bit is set.
To stop this, you just need to set the TCSRL.EOF.