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I use the XC2289i MC and the CAN Node0 is working
as expected as long as i use P2.6 as RX and P2.5 as TX pin. I want to use P2.0 and P2.1 (CAN Conector on Easykit). I only change the following 2 Registers.

CAN_NPCR0 = 0x0003; // load node0 port control register P2.6 RX
CAN_NPCR0 = 0x0002; // load node0 port control register P2.0 RX

P2_IOCR05 = 0x00A0; //set direction register P2.5 TX
P2_IOCR01 = 0x0090; //set direction register P2.1 TX

What am I doing wrong?

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