XC2269 CAN Problem

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Dear community,

we have the following problem using the CAN Interface of a XC2269I:
We generate Code with Dave using two of the six CAN Interfaces, 500kBaud standard settings.
Also we are using the internal clock. When we configure the system clock in the project settings to fSYS Through PLL DAvE warns that NDIV value is out of range:
"NDIV value is out of range. The value should be in th erange of 16 to 40, So the Reference frequency (8MHz) and Required frequency (128MHz) is set to default."

When we generate code and compile it with the Tasking Toolset the SCS.c throws an error:
"SCS_N out of range, different SCS_P required?". Our workaround is to comment this line out.
Then the compiler has no problem.
This code runs on the XC2269I Demo-Board without any problems. On our self routed hardware the code runs but the CAN Interfaces won't work.
Does anyone know if this could be due to the timing workaround? Or does anyone have other advices what we can try?

Cheers, Joe
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We were able to solve the CAN Problem but not the Timing. I will open a new thread for this.