XC2268N Wake up by CAN

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I need to wake up the mcu if on CAN Bus is present any type of traffic, so if the CAN Bus became active. I don't have find any application note, the only information I have found is:

21.3.2 Port Input Control
There is the possibility to select the input lines for the RXDCANx inputs for the CAN
nodes. The selected input is connected to the CAN node and is also available to wake
up the system.

on XE166N user manual. But is not clear what it means.
Can someone tell me if is possible to wake up mcu from CAN and if yes, how? Is there some settings for DAVE ? Is there some example code?
My MCU is XC2268N

Best regards
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To use CAN to wake up the system, you need to set the RxD of your CAN node to the ESRx pin.
Then enable the ESR pin for the wake up triggering.
So when your CAN node received a data, ESR will trigger and wake the system up.
For more information power management, you may want to download the application node AP1617010 - Power Management with SCU Driver.
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Thank you very much. Very usefull.

Besgt regards