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I am flashing an AUTOSAR compliant code on TC297TP and TC375TE. However the throughput for an API on TC297TE is 4 times the throughput calculated on TC375TP but the CPU freq and STM freq are same on both boards
i.e 200 MHz and 100 MHz respectively. Compiler used is Tasking 6.2r2.

I read in few AURIX trainings that 1.6P and 1.6E architecture have different instruction cycles i.e 6 and 4 respectively but I couldn't find this in any manual. I am aware TC297 uses 1.6 and TC375 uses 1.6.1 architecture,
but how do I figure from 1.6P/1.6E and 1.61P/1.6.1E is being used on the respective boards ?

What could be the possible reason for the 4Times throughput value for same code, same compiler flags etc. Everything same only different board ?

Please help !!!!
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