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I just purchased a PLS UAD2Pro to programming/debugging my processors. When I try to connect to my processor (XC2234L) via JTAG, it fails to connect to the device.

I am using UDE Memtool (similar to Infineon Memtool). When i switch over to the miniWiggler, it seems to work okay. When I switch back to the UAD2Pro (being sure to switch the device setup too) it still does not work. So I know that the sofware and the processor work, but the UAD2Pro does not seem to connect successfully.


Does anyone have any experience with the UAD2Pro and/or XC22XXL?
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Hi m19ahmad,

Since you can connect using mini wiggler, I guess the problem for the PLS debugger should the connection interface.
The miniWiggler is using DAS for the connection and DAS is able to connect either in DAP or JTAG mode.
So it could be possible that the device might not in the JTAG mode.

So perhaps you can use the Infineon Memtool and change the device BMI to JTAG mode first (to make sure the device really in JTAG mode).
Then try to connect again with the PLS debugger.

By the way, are you connect on your own prototype board or Infineon Easykit?