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I'm debugging on the basis of the TC1797 controller. As a result of the debugger crash, the controller was in the RESET state.

"RESET_TC.001 SCU_RSTSTAT.PORST not set by a combined
Debug / System / Application Reset
Causing simultaneously a System, Application, and Debug Reset via CBS_OSTATE.RSTCL0…3 in most cases does not leave the SCU_RSTSTAT.PORST bit set as specified. Bit SCU_RSTSTAT.PORST stays set only if reset source ESR0 was configured not to generate any reset (SCU_RSTCON.ESR0 = 00B). If the ESR0 reset source is configured to generate a reset, bit SCU_RSTSTAT.PORST is cleared and bit SCU_RSTSTAT.ESR0 is set instead.
Bits CBS_OSTATE.RSTCL0…3 are either set by setting bits CBS_OCNTRL.OJC4…7 or CBS_OJCONF.OJC4…7.
Debugging of “PORST-only” application software under debugger control is therefore not working if the ESR0 reset source generates a reset.
Before triggering a simultaneous System, Application, and Debug Reset by the OCDS system bit field SCU_RSTSTAT.ESR0 should be cleared. In addition, it should be checked that bit field SCU_RSTSTAT.ESR1 is also cleared. If bit field SCU_RSTSTAT.ESR0 needs to contain a value different from 00Binstead of checking bit SCU_RSTSTAT.PORST the three bits SCU_RSTSTATCB0, SCU_RSTSTATCB1, and SCU_RSTSTATCB3 should be checked to be set."
Errata Sheet Rel. 1.4, 25.01.2011

In MEMTOOL I wrote down the following commands:
SET 0XF0000480 0x00000000
SET 0XF0000508 0x0052C001
SET 0XF0000510 0x0000021A
SET 0XF0000514 0x00000014
SET 0XF0000518 0x03018E40
SET 0XF000051c 0x00000003
SET 0XF0000520 0x009A5805
SET 0XF0000530 0x00000001
SET 0XF0000534 0x00000B01
SET 0XF0000538 0x00000000
SET 0XF000053c 0x00000000
SET 0XF0000540 0x00000000
SET 0XF0000550 0x00010000
SET 0XF0000570 0x00000110
SET 0XF0000574 0x00000090
SET 0XF0000580 0x00000000
SET 0XF0000584 0x00000000
SET 0XF0000588 0x00000000
SET 0XF000058c 0x00000000
SET 0XF0000590 0x0000000F
SET 0XF0000594 0x00000000
SET 0XF0000598 0x00000000
SET 0XF00005a0 0x002010E0
SET 0XF00005a8 0x00000000
SET 0XF00005ac 0x00000005
SET 0XF00005b0 0x00000100
SET 0XF00005d0 0x00000000
SET 0XF00005d4 0x00000000
SET 0XF00005e0 0x00000000
SET 0XF00005e4 0x00000001
SET 0XF00005F0 0xFFFC0002
SET 0XF00005F4 0x00000000
SET 0XF00005F8 0xFFFC0010
SET 0XF0000600 0x00000000
SET 0XF0000610 0x00000000
SET 0XF0000614 0x00000000
SET 0XF0000618 0x00000000
SET 0XF000061C 0x00000000
SET 0XF0000620 0x00000000
SET 0XF0000624 0x00000001
SET 0XF0000628 0x00000000
SET 0XF000062C 0x00000000
SET 0XF0000630 0x0000FFFF
SET 0XF0000640 0x00009101
SET 0XF0000644 0x00001820
SET 0XF0000648 0x00000003
SET 0XF00006F0 0x00000000
SET 0XF00006F4 0x00000000
SET 0XF00006F8 0x00000000
SET 0XF00006FC 0x00000000
But nothing happens during the connection, the ESR0 Configuration Register and ESR1 Configuration Register are not reset. Please tell me how to reset these registers using commands in MEMTOOL?

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