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I need some help and I hope this is the right place since fo far I didn't get any answer even on the biggest automotive forum 


Infoneon SAK-TC1797 and SAK-TC1797 

One of the main features is 

CAN Datalink 

4 nodes supporting up to 1m boud rate 

All individually programmable via fCAN clock 

J1939 CAN 0,1,2 and 3  125k 250k 500k and 1M 

I have 2 modules one runs on 250k the oter on 500k  olde the older one is damaged, not avaliable, backorder and it will not be avaliable anytime soon. That leaves me with the brand new thats runs on 500k I have 3 off them already programed with old software, the vehicle starts, runs, no codes, no issues except that rhe vehicle side datalink J1939 CAN is down since you can't mix difrent baud rates, meaning no dash, abs and so on 

All I need is change the speed from 500k to 250 

I simply can't find any documentation on how to do this or what software / hardware to use

Infeion did a excellent job bragging about it's 4 CAN data links individually programed via fCAN function, page after page, manuals, brosures, descriptions you name it! Only thing left out is HOW. Even the part 1+2 user manual 2150 pages only talks about it but no word on how 


Is there anybody that can poit me in to the right direction? 


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