S6E2CC serial comunication problem

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Hello I have the same problem as discussed in https://community.cypress.com/thread/47796?q=S6E2CC%20not .

I installed all the prerequisite drivers and software. When trying any keyboard input  into the Serial Port viewer terminal, LED's on the  board flash but nothing happens. Running board tests (as the quickstart guide suggests) by pressing ENTER does nothing. No keyboard input shows up in the terminal.

Apart from that, just like in the above mentioned post,  I can compile and load code that should work (example code and S6E2CC projects found online) onto the board but the boards does not seem to be doing anything .

I tried removing the J2 jumper connector from the board but that did not help.

Its my first time using the board so all suggestions/ help is welcome.

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Mostly Hardware issue, either the wiring on the board/connecting between board and PC, or board broken. Ensure all jumpers are in default position as listed:

 J1 open

 J2 open

 J3 2-3 position

 J4 1-2 position

Roy Liu