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I am using Multi V7 with ghs probe and I'm trying to program the external flash content using the debugger over the hyperbus, I'm using external flash S26KL512, and it is connected to hyperbus channel 2, which is connected to graphics core, I want to know if this is a valid option or not? and i want to know if there is some sort of a guide for the steps needed to do this. I have a package received from cypress with some flashing scripts and i can see the option of external flash programming in those scripts, but the option in the scripts uses the another channel for flashing. I modified the script to use hyperbus channel 2, and configured the required registers to enable the hyperbusm but when reachin flash burn command in the script to start programming, I'm getting error mentioning that "no flash device detected at 0x40000000", knowing that "0x40000000 the base address for the memory space of the hyperbus channel 2".

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