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Remote access is the ability to get access to a computer or a network from a remote distance. In corporations, people at branch offices, telecommuters, and people who are travelling may need access to the corporation's network.

A speciality which you will hardly find anywhere else are our remote networks. Instead of installing the network on-site as usual, we will build you a network in a computer centre. Not only do you save the investment costs and a lot of space, you also gain lots of flexibility and security. Sounds good but complicated? Don’t worry, we’ll take care of everything you don’t wish to do yourself. You can also get out or change at any time without a period of notice.

With the remote networks Berlin, we have created a solution which uses modern technology in such a way that your workstation and your data are always where you need them. Instead of buying a server and workstations, you rent them and extend or reduce the network as required. As there are no term tie-ins, you are flexible and pay only for what you use.

Our Remote Networks are fundamentally built the same as local networks. It is just that the server and the workstations are not on site but in a computer centre in Germany. Such a network is thus very secure, fully climatized, monitored round the clock and perfectly connected to the internet. Instead of a large PC, a small box with you on site, quietly connecting your monitor, keyboard and mouse with the workstation in the computer centre and saving electricity, is enough. That might sound complicated and fragile but it is actually extremely robust and stable.

The only precondition is a stable internet connection, which are present nearly everywhere these days. Stability is more important here than speed. Even a radio connection from an island is usually enough.

Since this is the only precondition, you can access your network from the office, home, hotel or from on holiday without any limitations. Everything is always there, nothing can get forgotten. Valuable data is not carried around on notebooks and so can’t fall into the wrong hands. It is a very modern kind of office work and the perfect solution for collaboration from different places, wherever these might be in the world.

We offer the remote network as a pure rental solution. You rent your network monthly at a cost of 375.00 Euro plus VAT without investment and with no notice period. You can administer it yourself or pass this task to us. Changes are possible at any time, you book servers and workstations as and when you need them. You don’t have to be a specialist or consult one. You tell us what you need, we’ll do the rest for you.

We do not want to leave unsaid the characteristics of this solution that should certainly be considered. Your computer on site or your notebook communicate double-encrypted with the computer centre. No data is transferred, only what is on the screen and your inputs. That works perfectly for office work but not for games, videos or music. The connection is unsuitable for that so it won’t be any fun. Simple solution: use local computers for games, videos or music, and the remote computer for working.
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