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We are going to write the driver to program the internal Flash of XC232D from TMS controller via UART.I have some doubts before starting the driver.

1)Do we need follow the same sequence specified in the application note i.e BSL-->2nd BSL-->Minimon-->Flash Driver???

2) If possible can you please share the hex files of all the above.

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Hi Silpa,

The sequence in the application note is an example on how the UART BSL works.
You need to have the 2nd BSL if you intend to download more than 32-bytes from the Host.
As for the minimon, it is basically a minitoring program downloaded into the microcontroller to respond to the command from Host.
Therefore, based on your application, you could develop your own minitoring program where flash driver is already in the minitoring program.

Please note that, the UART BSL for XC2320D is a half duplex communication.
Therefore, if you develop the minitoring program, please ensure that half duplex communication is used.