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Hi everyone,

we are having problems getting the firmware on the CY91F467P microcontrollers. The PCB design is an old one, before the part MB91F465P from Fujitsu/Spansion/Cypress was used. With the old part we did not have any problems flashing the firmware.

We use the internal Boot-ROM via USART4 and the tool "FME FR-Flashprogrammer V4.5.10 Build 9".

This is what we found out till now:

  • the quartz (4MHz) on X0 and X1 swings as it is supposed to do
  • when releasing the reset pin the current consumption increases slightly, the microcontroller seems to execute something
  • the programming tool sends an 'V' to the RX pin of the UART4, but the Boot-ROM does not reply

Is there anything special to the CY91F467P that we need to keep in mind when flashing the firmware? The hardware design is proven to work with the MB91F465P.

BR, Stephan

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