PLL config using DAVE (XC2765)

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Dear Sirs!

I'm trying to tune the PLL in XC2765 microcontroller using DAVE 2. I want to use the external quartz (10MHz) and obtain the Fsys = 60MHz. As far as I concern it can be achieved using the following values of div/mult:
N = 24
P = 2
K2 = 2
this way the Fvco = 120MHz and VCO is operating in mode 1 (100 - 160MHz).
When I try to set the desired values of frequencies in DAVE I receive an error: "NDIV value is out of range. ..." (see attachment).
The question is: are the values of N,P,K2 given above correct? Can I use them to configure the pll manualy (without DAVE) or the DAVE is right and I can't use them for some reason?
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Hello RRoman,

I do not know why Dave2 is complaining about this but what I do know is that
you should be able to do what you want if you use our SCU driver for XC2000.
You can find it here:

The file is called:
Power Management with SCU Driver - software (ap1617011_Power_Management_with_SCU_Driver.exe)

In the isntallation package, there is also a graphical tool included to do your clock configuration.
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Thank You MMarquardt. I'll take a look at this tool. I have got and answer from Infineon distributor. He stated, that my configuration is correct. There is a mistake in DAVE for XC23x5X microcontrollers in PLL tuning. It's possible to use XC23x5A instead. They are claimed to be compatible.