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I am using 5 ISO1H816G all daisy chained together to drive 40 Outputs. I have integrated this well in my circuit driving the all of an SPI bus from my XMC4800.

However, my problem comes with its application. The ISO1H816G may drive multiple inductive loads that could be disconnected, at any point, beyond our control.
This causes not only an internal failure, but a physical failure too. The device always fails in the same place, top left corner, close to pin 1.

This can be quite spectacular, physically destroying the device. As we cannot control when a load may be disconnected, I have tried to use extra external protection.
I have tried external TVS diodes and Shottkey diodes for additional clamping on each output but to no avail. The device still fails on load disconnection.

This device really is one of the better ones I have found. I have actually used this device for years. I have always known this failure but only recently has it got in the way.
I would love to continue with this device if possible.

I'm hoping for any advice, anyone else who has experienced this issue or if this is a known issue, how to proceed.

Thanks in advanced,

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