How to use xmc4500 with 16x2 lcd

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Hi. I'm using a xmc 4500 Lite Kit to a line tracer car. And i'd like to use the xmc board with a 16x2 lcd.
The lcd has to show us many information. Shown below.

- When a car meets obstacles, the lcd has to show us OBS message.
- When the car is running, the lcd has to show us RUN message.
- When the car meets end line, it has to stop and lcd has to show us STOP message.
- When the car derails the line, the lcd has to show us DER message.
- LCD has to always show us line offset values which is calculated from the center of line.

Picture i want to implement is attached.

What kinds of apps should i use? And are there any examples for it?
Thanks in advance.2881.attach
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