How to enter sleep mode in XC2387 MCU

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I am an XC2387  user and application is battery management system(BMS).

I would like to have a minimum of current consumption(~ uA) by entering sleep mode at a certain time(when charging

is completed). 

It is not need to escape in sleep mode.

Is the following order?

1. Check charging state.

2. If charging is complete, execute entering code to sleep mode.

3. Entering code to sleep mode :

static void gotoSleep(void)
     /* clear DMP_M ESR1 trap request flag
     * from now on, trigger events will be handled by the SCU driver */
     SCU_DMPMITCLR = 0x1000U;

     /* Goto Sleep */

Thank you for your help.

* The Application note contains you to copy the flash code to the PSRAM. But I do not know this way. 


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