How much LIST into Multican module

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My question relates to XC2300 family MultiCan module.

See user manual ref xc2300e_um_v1.0_2011_01.pdf

My question is : how much lists are currently supported by the multican module ?

The xc2300e_um_v1.0_2011_01 manual is definitely unclear about that :

- Page 22.4, n_lists is clearly specified to 8

- Page 22.14, it is said that "The MultiCAN module provides 16 different lists" and also there is a "A 4 bit LIST bit field in the Message Object Control Register", (so assuming there are 16 lists)

- Page 22.58 that chapter rawly says there are only 8 lists, and this looks confirmed by the number of available LISTxH registers.

- Page 22-85, LIST field is effectively codded with 4 bits, meaning 16 lists could be supported.

So, what's the effective number of supported lists?

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