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I'm trying to connect to my SAF-XE167FH-200F100LAB microcontroller using Infineon Memtool's BSL/ASC mode.

Using XE166 user's manual (volume 1 of 2, chapter 10 "Startup configuration and bootstrap loading"), I configured controller to connect to standart UART BSL mode:
1) I connected configuration pins as following: P10.0 = "0", P10.1 = "1", P10.2 = "1"
2) For communicating with PC's RS-232 port, I'm using ADM202EARNZ-REEL microchip (RS-232 driver). I connect controller's P7.3 to microchip's T2IN pin, and also connect P7.4 to microchip's R2OUT pin.
3) Then I connect microchip's T2OUT to COM port's RXD pin and microchip's R2IN to COM port's TXD pin.
4) After that, I apply supply voltage to microcontroller
5) In Memtool v4 I choose "Easy Kit with XE167FH-200F (BSL/ASC)" as a target. Then I choose COM1 port (I use this port to connect to controller) and all other setting I leave as default.
6) And after that, I get the following message:

Message from component 'IMTMemtool' :
Can't connect to Target

Message from component 'MiniMonTargIntf' :
Can't connect target !

Message from component 'MiniMonTargIntf' :
Start monitor failed

I wonder if I configured microcontroller right, or should i connect it the other way?
Hope you can help me...
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Hi andrew_tc,

Is the device is fresh from production, meaning never programmed before?
And the Target bard is your own target board or Infineon starter kit?

May I suggest you to try sending 0x00 to the target board via the COM port from terminal program.
If the device is already in the ASC BSL mode, it will reply with 0xD5.
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Thanks a lot for your responce.

Yes, the device is brand new and it has never been programmed before.
The target board is my own board. Right now it just contains microcontroller, 8MHz quartz, ADM202EARNZ-REEL microchip and capacitors, according to datasheet.
Supply voltage ( +5V ) is applied to vddpa and vddpb pins, vss pins are connected to ground ( 0V ). Vddi1 pins are connected with each other.

I tried to send 0x00 through serial port. Controller replied with 0x00 (looks like it replies with data I'm sending to it, when I send 0x02 it replies with 0x02 etc). When controller is disconnected, there is no reply.
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Hi andrew_tc,

It seems the reply is from the transceiver rather than the microcontroller itself.
Are you able to check the signal at the pins (P7.3 and P7.4)?
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Yes, here is the signal of 0x00 byte package
The yellow one is signal on P7.4, the green one is signal on P7.3
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Hi andrew_tc,

You are only sending 0x00 to the device?
But on the pin P7.4, it seems more than that.
Perhaps this is something you have to look into it, why there are extra data sent?

If the signal is like this, no way could the device go into ASC BSL mode.
This is because the device should received 0x00 in order to determine the baud rate use by host.
Then it will reply with 0xD5 as acknowledgement.
If we can get this to work, then most probably you will be able to connect via Memtool.
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I figured out what the problem was. It was all because of the burned out microcontroller. Looks like I burned it while soldering. After changing it to another microcontroller, everything is fine.
So thanks a lot for your support, I really appreciate your help